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Surf Girl Soaps

Surf Girl makes small batches of soap by hand,
from scratch, on Vancouver Island, British
Columbia, where Outside is always spectacularly
conspicuous and where we like the rain on our hair,
the sun on our skin, the salt spray on our
lips, the wind in our face.

Surf Girl likes animals. A lot. Proceeds
from all sales are donated to three bitchin' local
animal charities:

Island Wildife Natural Care Centre
Broken Promises Rescue

Surf Girl is about keeping soap as close to nature
as possible, and that's why your soap is made
with all-vegetable oils and herbal additives,
with no detergents and no artificial
preservatives, fragrances, or colorants.

Surf girl soaps are made with a range of
food-grade, organic, wildcrafted or sustainably-
sourced oils and butters. High-quality essential
oils from fragrant plants provide scent. Herbs,
spices, and vegetable juices provide colour.